Alloy Product Range

Alloy Product Range At A Glance

JLC Electromet produces a vast portfolio of Nickel based alloys in the form of wire rods, fine/medium or heavy gauge wire, flat wires, strips and ribbons. These materials are made in accordance with international standards (or customer specifications) and cater to a wide variety of industrial requirements.

Nickel Alloys

Heating & Resistance Alloys

Low Resistance Alloys

Soft Magnetic Alloys

  • Temperature Compensating Alloys
  • Ni30Fe
  • Ni31Fe
  • Ni32Fe
  • High Permeability Alloys
  • SMA 48 (Ni48Fe)
  • SMA 50 (Ni50Fe)
  • SMA 80 (Ni80Mo5Fe)

Automotive - Spark Plug Alloys

  • Earth and Central Electrode
  • NiSi
  • NiCr15Fe
  • NiCr5SiMn
  • NiCr2SiMn
  • NiSi1Al1Y

Thermocouple Alloys

Dumet Wires

Controlled Expansion Alloys

Clad Wires

  • Copper-Clad FeNi42
  • Copper-Clad FeNi60
  • Iron-Clad Nickel
  • Nickel-Clad Iron

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